Sagrada Familia – Barcelona – Oct. 2017

Last year, my husband and I booked a trip to Barcelona. I’ve been there before, for him it was the first time and we were very excited to explore the city together. I love Spain in general: the people, the … Continue reading Sagrada Familia – Barcelona – Oct. 2017

Life update

So, it’s been a while.. My last post was online November last year. So much has happened in a year, I still am trying to catch up. I got married *yay* in June, I am back at work and 100 % recovered from the burn-out. Well, 100% on paper. I know I will never be able to get back at 100% of what I used to be on energy and personality. But that’s ok. I’ve learned the hard way. I need to dig in my archives to upload a few pictorials, as I have got enough pictures to share. I’ll … Continue reading Life update